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The Friends of Eddie Coyle
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The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) Free Streaming

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Short review:
Eddie's friends are numerous, but the term "friends" is suspect. As a small time hood, Eddie is about to go back to jail. In order to escape this fate, he deals information on stolen guns to the feds. Simultaneously he is supplying arms to his bank robbing/kidnapping hoodlum chums. But who else is dealing with the feds? Who gets the blame for snitching on the bank robbers?
Original Title The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Audio English
Premier 27 Jun 1973 (USA)
Director Peter Yates
Composer Dave Gruzin
Montage Pat Jaffe
Tagline It's a grubby, violent, dangerous world. But it's the only world they know. And they're the only friends Eddie has.
Budget $3,000,000

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