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Not rated . 2021 . 1h 56m
24 May 2023, 15:18
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Daewoebi: Gwonryeok-ui Tansaeng

Tagline: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    The more power he desires, the darker his world becomes Hae-woong (Cho Jin-woong), an assembly member candidate, is taken out of the running because he became a thorn in the side of a local bigwig, Soon-tae (Lee Sung-m). Hounded by loan sharks, due to defaulting a campaign loan, he decides to get his hands dirty. He steals classified government's information about an urban development plan and obtains the help of a local gang leader, Pil-do (Kim Moo-yul), by promising hefty real estate profit. Now Hae-woong re-enters the race and tries to take revenge on Soon-tae. Unbeknownst to him, his messy journey through politics has only just begun.

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