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Not Rated . 2022 . 2h 15m
21 Mar 2023, 07:13
Original Title:

Couleurs de l'incendie

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    In February 1927, the funeral of the wealthy banker Marcel Péricourt was held, which the "All-Paris" attended. His daughter Madeleine is the only heiress, after the suicide of his brother Édouard Péricourt a few years earlier. Fate will befall her when her son Paul is seriously injured and becomes disabled. Without her ex-husband to support her, Madeleine will have to take over her father's business on her own. She receives advice from her uncle, the unscrupulous Charles Péricourt. Madeleine will have to face many obstacles, the adversity of men, greed, jealousy and corruption in a France and a Europe where totalitarianism is rising.

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